Are you confusing your work for a hobby?

Are you confusing your work for a hobby?   

Yes my friends, there is a difference. I’ve preached about consistency over intensity before and yet, I find myself being punched in the face (again) with this idea. Why? Well…I’ve been hard at work building a podcast that’s going to launch on September 30th (more on this later) and I had to sit down and write a blog post for Her Life, Her Legacy and unfortunately, it was really hard (at first).

The reason it was hard to crank out the post was because I had gotten out of writing consistently (daily) because I was busy building a solid foundation for my business. Lesson learned…I mean re-learned from my man Maslow, “What a man can be, he must be.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We must self-actualize, and with the gentle reminder that writers write; I’m recommitting to my daily practice of writing. I know in my heart that writing is not a hobby of mine, it’s a part of my work and therefore will be treated as such.

Here’s to recommitting to the muse.

Are you focused?


Diligence. Patience. Persistence.

None of the above exists without your focus.

What are you focused on?

We’ve heard the adage before…where our attention goes, energy flows. But where exactly are you spending your energy?

Think about what you want your life to look like in three, five, or even ten years from now.

Now think about where you’re putting your focus and energy today. Hopefully it’s into the baby steps that will lead you to your ideal. And if it’s not… what do you need to stop doing in order for you to start doing those things that will get you closer to living your dream?

Your Voice Matters


What aren’t you saying?

Oftentimes we hold our tongues because we’re tired. We don’t think we’ll really be heard. Or we don’t think our voice matters. Well…I’m here to tell you that it does. Your voice does matter. But the truth is…it’s not your voice that we’re craving,  it’s your ideas. The ideas that only you have. That if only you had the courage to share, the world would be a better place.

So again I ask…what aren’t you saying? And if you said it, how much closer could we move from our current reality to what’s possible?

We need your voice.

Listening is Love


One of my fundamental beliefs is that listening (especially to yourself) is the greatest demonstration of love. Our bodies carry so much wisdom and depending upon our levels of self-awareness and where we are in our spiritual walk, we may or may not hear the wisdom from within.

Nowadays I’m trying to do more of those things that bring me pleasure and less of those things that cause me pain. Sounds pretty simple right? But more often than not, choosing to listen to myself, my body, and those thoughts running around my mind is often quite harder than it looks.

There are so many outside influences that quickly silence that voice. We don’t want to let people down. We think we must attend a particular event because if we don’t then, “what will people say?”

Think about those times in your life where you forced yourself to do something you didn’t really want to do. It could have been spending/wasting money on something, going somewhere when you would have much rather been in your pajamas, or staying in a job that honestly doesn’t make you come alive or use your unique gifts and talents. It happens all the time. But oftentimes we think to ourselves that we don’t really have a choice…when we do.

Here’s the funny thing about doing things that get and keep you in your pleasure. You show up in the world quite differently. You actually radiate warmth, peace, confidence, happiness, abundance and wealth. Not overwhelm, irritability, stress and uneasiness. When you honor your inner voice, and listen to yourself, what you’re really saying is, I love myself enough to not <insert what you will not do because it’s not in your pleasure> and when you honor that still small voice and you choose to do things that make and keep you happy you won’t just radiate warmth, peace, confidence, happiness, abundance and wealth – you’ll be it.

Create Space

create space

We all have those moments when we feel like we don’t even have time to think. To just be still for a minute without the ringing, the pinging, the text messages, and blinking lights that constantly demand of our attention. But the funny thing is we do have the power to create space. Sacred spaces to reconnect with ourselves and sometimes our work. How are you creating space in your life to reconnect, nurture and tend to your true self? Are you scheduling it? Blocking time?

If you constantly feel burnt out, like you don’t have time to think, eat, or that there’s never enough hours in a day then I challenge you to challenge those thoughts and take action NOW. Create the space. Schedule it. Block it, and hold it as sacred – because it is.

And now…I’m off to my one day retreat.



Turning pro really is a practice.

One in which you have to recommit daily to yourself.

Forget what you’ve promised others. What have you told yourself you were going to do (consistently) that you’re not doing? Why not start there?

You can’t expect to keep promises to others, if you can’t honor the promises you’ve made to yourself.

But hey…I get it. This is a journey and we’ll all experience good days and bad days, but the point is…we have a choice.

A choice to honor ourselves.

To turn pro.

Which do you choose?

If this person would just…

bad attitude

Managers are often found trying to come up with a scheme to get their employees behave or show up a certain way. We’ve all been guilty of trying to fix someone in our lives that just has a bad attitude. We conjure up ways to make them more cheerful in order to put an end to their perpetual whining; when in reality there is nothing you or I can do to change someone else. In fact the only thing we can do is change ourselves and how we show up and respond to these toxic energy sucking vampires.

The great thing about being human is that we have the ability to actually step in between a stimulus and our response, and choose a more empowering response.

So the next time you start thinking of ways to get someone else to choose a better attitude or way of showing up in the world start talking to (as the late MJ said) the, “man in the mirror.” Change your ways and prepare to be amazed.